Mobile Feed Milling and Mixing Services for all Types of Animals and Poultry
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  • Blowing Pig Feed directly into a silo
    Blowing Pig Feed directly into a silo

Pig Milling Services

As with any feed that we produce it is essential that we get Pig Feed the correct consistency for the animals to be able to use effectively, especially when growing pigs to finish on an ad-lib diet. This is where the 120 Tungsten Tipped Hammer's in the Hammer Mill on our Tropper machines come to fruition, we have noticed since moving to the larger 660mm wide Hammer Mill the consistency of the meal processed through it has improved dramatically. We can cater to the farmers requirement for how fine/coarse they would like the meal to be by simply changing the screen which the raw materials are pushed through, anything from 3mm up to 12mm.